511 Users


First time I've used this. It's excellent. Glad they're doing it.”—Caller from New York


I really love this 511. Great job guys. Keep up the great work.”— Caller from Tampa Bay 


“The traffic information is very, very helpful for traveling and I appreciate it very much. So, congratulations on the 511 service.”—Caller from Illinois


“Thank you so much for the information on our interstate highways and other roadways. I really appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work.”—Caller from Southeast Florida


“I don't think you can improve on your service. It's wonderful. Thank you very much for having it.”—Caller from Mississippi


 “I really appreciate this service. It has helped me tremendously. Have a good day.”— Caller from Jacksonville, Florida


The system worked wonderfully. Thank you.”— Caller from Upstate New York


“I just wanted to leave a general comment that this service is extremely helpful when trying to plan a route home if there are accidents or bad traffic. I just wanted to say I love this service.”— Caller from Orlando


 “Thank you very much for the information. It was very thorough. Thank you.”— Caller from South Carolina


78% of 511 users in a current survey said their primary purpose for calling 511 was to find current traffic conditions